Create a customizable card macro

Use a customizable Carousel Card macro to smooth the navigation inside Confluence.

To create a card macro:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros

  2. Find and select the Carousel Card macro
  3. Fill in the required parameters
  4. Got it!

Please, use Carousel Card macro instead of Card macro. To be removed in next version.

Macro Parameters

The full list of parameters is shown in the following table.


Confluence UrlnoNoneChoose using an autocomplete a Confluence page or blog.
External UrlnoNone

Add web link. Web, email or any other internet address.

Notice: this parameter is used only if "Confluence Url" is empty.


Add a card title.

Notice: a short title is recommended.

Sub TitlenoNone

Add a sub title's card.

Notice: a short sub title is recommended.


To add an icon to your card, you must enter image's name.

Notice : the image is attached to the current page.

Background ColornoCyanChoose from a color list your preferred one.