Create an Event using a Blueprint


The Event blueprint helps you to organize, manage and share information with your community.

Create an event

  1. Choose Create from template in the Confluence header
  2. Select Event and hit Next
  3. Fill in the event name, leaders, location and time – the blueprint will prompt you.
  1. Keep in mind that you can change that information later.
  2. Click Create.

You will be taken to your event where you can write your event agenda and add an event description.

Event Blueprint

As User you can:

  1. view all the information provided by the editor such as:
    • Event start, end and enrollment rsvp deadline
    • Event location
    • Event description
    • Event Ageanda
    • Event sponsor
    • Event leaders
    • Event attendees
    • Event maw attendees

  2. Join the event using RSVP to event button
  3. Join waiting list if max attendees is reached

As editor you can:

  1. Add more information using wysiwyg Confluence editor
  2. Edit event information
  3. Hide event attendees
  4. Export attendee’s information to csv file.